Replace Car Key Even Without the Original

Replace Car KeyHave you lost your car keys again? That’s got to be really frustrating right? Replacing car keys can be quite a frustrating experience. It’s not that you lost it, but what sometimes it could break, bend or just wear down so it doesn’t function properly anymore. But of course, losing your car key is what’s most frustrating because then after having replaced it you will find it somewhere actually really obvious.

A lot of people have surely experienced the same thing as you are. A lot of people depend greatly on their lives and if their key is gone, they end up panicking and thinking should they call a locksmith service to have it replaced as soon as possible but then the original is gone. However, you really don’t have to worry since you can actually replace your car key even without the original.

When to Get Replacement Key?

First things first, decide if you really do need a new key for your car. To find out if you do, there are a number of reasons to consider. You may need a new car key if:

  • You lost your key and you don’t have a spare.
  • Your key is not functioning because it has already worn down.
  • Your key is no longer in proper shape, having snapped or bent, thus making it useless.

If your old car key ended up in these conditions, then you may really need to replace it. Lost key or broken key significantly reduces your convenience and it could also bring you security problems. Now that you’ve decided to get a new car key, here’s the next step.

What Kind of Replacement Key?

So what kind of replacement key do you want? For cars from 1981 and earlier, you may only need a simple key from a standard key block. However, if your car is of newer models your cut keys are transponder keys. Such keys have programmed chips as part of the key’s safety features. With that, even if a new transponder key is cut the car still will not turn on without the right programming. Next to transponder keys are smart keys which are entirely different with traditional keys. These keys act more like remote and looks like an attached key fob.

What if You Don’t Have the Original Key?

Even if you lost the original keys of your car, you can still get a replacement for it. You have several choices about getting a replacement. For one, you can go to your car dealer and ask about obtaining a replacement. This, however, can be very expensive especially if you need your car towed to the dealer room. But there is a more affordable option in the form of auto locksmith that can solve your problem.

Many dealers are actually utilizing the services of auto locksmiths whenever there’s a need for replacement keys. Auto locksmiths can easily cut and program a key exactly the same as your lost keys for price much lower than what dealerships offer. So if you are getting frustrated again because your car keys are lost again, there’s always an auto locksmith that can readily help you.